Our core competencies are focused on the production of extruders, coextruders and pelletizers. We offer solutions tailored to customer specifications in all fields of extrusion technology.


Extruders Screws Control Systems Pelletizers Cooling Baths Accessory

maGme manufactures extruders to customer specifications for processing all commodity and engineering plastics (e.g. PE, PA, PP, PET, PMMA, PVC) as well as specialty materials, such as PEEK. Our high level of vertical integration allows us to customize each extruder to your specific process.

Our extruders are used from research and prototyping to production and product quality assessment.

We offer single-screw extruders for the production of pipes, profiles, cables, hoses and filaments as well as for pipe and profile sheathing.

Screw diameters in small increments of 14 to 18, 20, 25 and up to 45 mm and L/D ratios of 20, 25, 30 and 33 open a wide range of solutions.

Our extruders stand out for their rugged design, high flexibility and ease of use. Thanks to our high level of vertical manufacturing integration they can be supplied in a wide range of different versions.

Grooved-Barrel Extruders
  • high throughput rates
  • pressure build-up in feed zone
  • high coefficient of friction at the grooved barrel wall
  • all designs available with screw diameters from 14 to 45 mm
  • with or without thermal separation

grooved barrel can be interchanged with smooth-bore barrel

Smooth-Bore Extruders
  • high flexibility
  • for materials with a high coefficient of friction
  • suitable for shear-sensitive materials
  • all designs available with screw diameters from 14 to 45 mm
Laboratory Extruders
  • selection of screw diameters in small increments from 14 to 45 mm (14, 18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45)
  • various different processing lengths and screw geometries
  • high work load at compact size
  • frequency inverter control with resolver or encoder
  • high true running accuracy
  • high-precision rpm control
  • use of melt pumps for operations with low output fluctuation
  • virtually no tolerance errors
  • available in any mounting configuration
  • various different processing lengths and screw geometries
  • always matched to the specific material to be processed
  • extremely short designs with CMG or KS transmission
  • linkage to main extruder acc. to your specifications with vertical stand, freely rotatable, on lifting table or with mounting plate
Extruders for Fluoroplastics
  • barrel made from Hastelloy or powder metallurgical materials
  • screws made from Inconel with special coatings
  • special feed zone designs
Pressure Filter Testers
  • for purity testing of polymers acc. to DIN EN standard 13900-5
  • easy evaluation software with multiple functions
  • rugged system, designed for ease of cleaning
  • permits testing of a wide range of polymers
Processing Units
  • extruders on special stands
  • short designs with integrated control cabinet
  • screws and barrels made from special materials
  • new concept development acc. to customer specifications
  • for a wealth of different materials to be processed
  • for high output capacities
  • for low production volumes
  • with high dispersion capability

Our control system is a standardized solution that can be custom-tailored to integrate additional proprietary and customer-specific functions.

Control and Display of:
  • temperature control (heating/cooling) of individual zones
  • melt temperature
  • comprehensive monitoring functions (start-up lock, screw release, tolerance band, overtemperature, heating currents)
  • screw speed (rpm) reading
  • load (torque) monitoring
  • melt pressure reading and monitoring
  • melt pressure DMS sensor calibration
Further Features:
  • drives with digital process value, access control, setpoint input
  • bus system
  • high repeatability rates, precise control, dynamic speed regulation
  • all typical signals can be recorded, evaluated and adjusted
  • process parameter correction upon deviations
  • drives equipped with three-phase frequency converters
  • touch panel with user-friendly visualization
  • data interfaces
  • synchronization with coextruders (master/slave)
  • communication with host computers (measuring data acquisition, master production computer), documentation by means of evaluation software
  • draw-in speed 0-30 m/min
  • for up to 3 strands
  • online pellet length regulation
Cooling Baths
  • available in various lengths and designs
  • with air jets
  • with fresh water feed
  • vacuum tank upon request
  • melt pumps
  • energy-saving heating sleeve insulation
  • stand-alone control cabinet on wheels
  • lifting tables with pneumatic or electrical height adjustment
  • vertical stands


Our core competencies are focused on the production of extruders, coextruders and pelletizers. We offer solutions tailored to customer specifications in all fields of extrusion technology.

Application Areas:

  • for the processing of PE, PA, PP, POM, PVC, PET, PBT, PMMA, PS, ABS, SAN, PC and PEEK ,PLAC, PTFE, as well as bioplastics and ceramics or other polymers
  • for the processing of corrosive and abrasive melts, thermoplastics, rubbers, silicones and fluoroplastics
  • for use as coextruders in film, pipe, blow molding and hotmelt processes
  • for the production of profiles, hoses and masterbatches as well as for cable sheathing


Processing Unit with Stand-Alone Control Cabinet
  • single-screw processing units with or without drive components, in configurations that can be matched to meet specific space requirements, with appropriate band heaters and ventilation acc. to customer specifications
  • design and production of individual processing units for special applications
Processing Unit for Fluoroplastics
  • barrels made from powder metallurgical materials or with coated surfaces, screws made from Inconel or Hastelloy or with special coating for the processing of corrosive plastics
Laboratory Extruder with Degassing
  • extruders with integrated degassing unit for enhanced product quality and reliability
Pressure Filter Testers
  • for comparing the quality of masterbatches in line with the standardized pressure filter test
  • for masterbatch testing acc. to European standard EN 13900-5
Recycling Extruders
  • equipped with special screws and barrels, for all thermoplastics, rubber blends, silicones and fluoroplastics
  • suitable for the processing of regrind, pellets or pelletized recycle
Smooth-Bore and Grooved Barrel Extruders
  • grooved feed for high throughput and pressure stability
  • All models can be equipped with motors conforming to energy efficiency classes IE2 through IE4. This leads to energy savings of up to 10%.
  • Together with a synchronous motor you will receive a processing unit of slim and short design that promises high flexibility.
  • A high-torque drive concept permits oil-free operation and offers the additional benefit of low maintenance.
  • Complementing our extruders equipped with bevel or spur gears, we use CMG compact transmission motors. This type of transmission provides for a compact processing unit with quadruple meshing. The use of a CMG gearbox with inboard motors adds to reducing the length of the processing unit.
  • The gearbox can be designed in Z, L or U configuration to match your space requirements.


Trade fair

Meet us at the K show. The K in Düsseldorf is the world’s leading international trade fair for plastics, rubbers, plastics processing and plastics production. Visit us there from October 19 to 26, 2016, in Hall 16, Booth A77.


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